to her own yeti journals

There are such women – strong and proud, but open and naive. You’re all about her palm – affection and devotion, and yet she’s always probing for the unseen. To her own, on thick trails and with eyes secure to the aroma. All she dreams is to grow with you, because she senses those vibes of the leader, the leader of the better reality. She will follow you to the edge of creation, even if you have to always search for superior desires, all lifelong. There is nothing that makes the soul shiver of hers. There is no object you can point and hand her, for she has understood herself to just be, without an object.

So you stay, understand, wait, and give her chances; second, sixth, eleventh… Now you know what and who you want, and it is her. But if no soul string responds to touch, then what else can you talk about with her? It is pointless to call the voice of her mind and the vibrations of her heart with a request that they might just forget. In order to stay, you nurture your aura and find power and comfort in knowing silence.

For you, it used to be easier. Used to be petty jokes and looks. And now, she’s come. She likes to get her buttocks warm and tucked, and you want to eat popcorn off her umbilici. You are not with a girl to walk with, but a woman, with whom not only to sleep, but you wake up with just to talk and eat. And you desire to wake up in your apartment, desire to buy cooler furniture and fancier equipment. Someday you won’t play the console all day, but other days, you do.

She can’t even get on your nerves over this entertainment because she doesn’t know how profoundly you champion and savior the moments and the rapport. And now you’re vulnerable to be with someone who will kick the door to drum at dawn drunk, in love and pathetic. You can’t ignore her just because for her stupidity. She wants to trust, and she finds that innate in you. She wants to share the truth, but she knows that there are many people, and everyone calls their own truths. She tells you that the world of people is much harder to understand than the entire universe, and you know she is spot on about that.