Building a higher sense of self-esteem

Self-esteem might mean a wide range of different things for different people. I believe it is the way we feel about being ourselves. I learned how to develop a strong sense of self-esteem when I started to recognize and accept my self-worth. Acceptance of one’s self-worth makes a person feel internally secure in who they are and thus, self-esteem sets off to be a major component in building strong foundation of success.

People with a stronger sense of self-esteem are more likely to invite a really grateful and purposeful life. When we feel good about ourselves and believe in the energy we being to the world, we look at everything around us with a positive attitude, we know ourselves better which means we shall recognize and seize opportunities best suited for us, productivity goes up, and you have a better relationship with your own soul. Our opinion of ourselves critically influences everything, in every aspect of life.

In the present competitive world, we tend to compare our journey with the journey of other people and tend to be a little harsh on ourselves, we tend to look up to people around us and feel reluctant to tap the potentials within ourselves. We tend to stand back as if an observer, we doubt on our knowledge, we suspect our mind-being and question our thought process. We get jealous of other people’s success, and yet we remain unmotivated. Not only that, but we are so focused on the outer world that we do not notice our learning process taking a downturn. We are always searching for a way to pull others’ legs but not receive or give constructive criticisms from people. All of this reflects the lack of self-esteem in us. We are after all letting our sense of self-esteem to be driven by fear and self-doubt.

The act of believing in your own energy has the magic to add multi-dimensional affirmations to our performance. A higher sense of self-esteem has the charm to improve our stature and thought process. It is really obvious that one may seek attention and validation on actions that they carry out and thus when you have a heightened perception of self-esteem, the chances are really high that you get the validation that you require from your own self if you dig deep enough. This boosts up your vibe and energy you carry. This leads you towards a path that motivates you to get better every day, where you learn to believe in your process and journey and focus more on your own actions and work rather than comparing yourself to someone else who is not you.

Self-appraisal is supposed to be the most important thing in your life. When we start appreciating our own efforts, we learn how to tackle every possible hurdle that life brings our way with more positivity and optimism. We brim with ambition and motivation, we tend to stumble upon more opportunities and learn to calculate risks better. We learn how to take constructive criticism and block away the ones that don’t serve our purpose.

Self-esteem isn’t about being narcissistic or thinking that the world revolves around you and only you. It’s the fact that you consider yourself at a position where you accept yourself for being who you are and try to grow into a better version of yourself. It is in believing in yourself firmly because your competition should be with whom you used to be, not anyone else.