Taking a break: Learning how to pause your life and be receptive to everything around you

Today I am sitting in a park, children are playing baseball in the background, their parents are watching over them, there is this old couple sitting on a bench and talking to each other, there is a girl who has brought her dog for a walk, there’s a group of friends who are just chilling over there in the corner. Everything seems so normal yet so peaceful. What does it take for a simple human being to achieve a point to have a glance at this perfect simple view? This seems like a perfect afternoon to me. 

There’s laughter, there’s love, there’s affection, there’s friendship, there is romance, I ask myself what is missing over here? There is everything that I could ask for. Everyone seems relaxed and calm, but everyone most definitely has their demons to battle against. You never know. It is very difficult to portray someone’s life through just a glance at their physical appearance. It is not important that every person is as happy as they appear to be, it is not important that each one of them has paid their bills, it is not important that each one of them over there has their life all figured out, it is not important what they have failed at, what their failure looks like, what they have left behind to be here, what their sacrifices are. To sum it up, it is not important to have everything in your life planned out just to spend a beautiful afternoon with a relaxed mind. 

In recent times, have come to a realization that success won’t come after me just because I always hustle, I always work, and I don’t take any breaks. This is where I understood how important it is to have some time with yourself, consider it as the time when you only focus on one aspect of your life, where you just want to do what you like at the moment, what makes you feel alive, what you are comfortable with. After all, your reality is not going to change even if you worry about it, why not take some time off and get mesmerized by the small details that life has to offer to us? I literally live for these small tiny things that happen around me. 

I know most of us have heard that life will pass one day so try to live every moment to the fullest. This is a similar concept. Except that it is not being cheerful and participative, it is more about giving yourself a break and being receptive to the environment around you. We are bombarded with a lot of information that we do not need at all in our lives and it is not necessary that you take all of it. It gets overwhelming after a while. We need to be mindful of what we are receiving from the environment around us. And for that, we need to pause and look around sometimes.