Detangling the mysteries of the Quantum world

Most of the rules and regulations that govern the world are based on Newtonian Classical laws. Be it an object returning to us after being thrown in the air or our accuracy in measuring the distance a vehicle travels in a particular time, they are all based on these same principles of Newton’s laws. In fact, most of the technological advancements are possible because of the efficient implications of those laws. The major advantage of these principles is that we can successfully predict the outcome of an event. For an instance, we can successfully determine the force a mass shall generate, or the rate and the direction of the stream concerning the environmental conditions- rainfall, temperature, humidity, etc. I want to connect this concept with the human paradigm; how these laws affect human behavior and their future.

Every day in our life, we pass through a series of events and actions. After continued repetition and exposure, these events ultimately become a hard-wired experience. Each time we pass through the same activity in life, our body releases a myriad of chemicals that instigate us to behave in a certain way. Our body memorizes the feelings that are associated with the experiences, and we tend to act in a certain way relevant to those feelings. For example, we have a certain experience with our jobs; some despise it while others relish their moment. Whatever is the experience- pleasant or unpleasant- we memorize those emotions related to the activities. Whenever we stumble across the same experience, we behave predictably. Yes, we act according to the Newtonian classical laws.

The moment we wake up in the morning and search for a familiar feeling to get us going throughout the day, we are already starting our day in the past, which are connected to the memories and experiences with different people, or things of certain times and places. The overall effect of these processes is the creation of familiar feelings such as unhappiness, unworthiness, melancholy, guilt, and other emotions.

In Newton’s paragon, we are focusing on the 3- dimensional material world; we are preoccupied with achieving our goals through the movement of our body in space. We set a goal and prepare strategies to achieve our goal. The drawback of this law is that it takes a considerable amount of time. Finding a dream job, seeking a better lifestyle, or finding a perfect life partner takes a substantial amount of time because we are too focused on these 3- dimensional realities where we act according to the known principle. What if we can bring the events to us without traveling through time? What if we achieve our goals without having to follow these sets of Newtonian models? These intriguing questions open the door to the quantum world, where we move from the world of senses to the world beyond our senses.

Unlike the material 3-D reality of the Newtonian world, the quantum world is based on the pure consciousness of human beings. The quantum world I am talking about functions according to our capacity to achieve a “present moment.” The present moment refers to be present in the current situation without being influenced by the memories and feelings of experiences. To achieve the state of the present moment and enter the world of the quantum world, we have to take our attention off the material world and shift our focus to the realm of the unknown. Achieving this state prompts our brain to work in a coherent manner- our brain will work in a holistic state, and we feel whole.

When we are following the Newton model, our brain is aroused due to the hormones of stress, and we are narrowing our focus and setting our attention to people, objects, things, and places in our known outer world and as a result, the brain fires incoherently. When our brain is unbalanced, we will become more fragmented, unfocused, and living in a more unhappy state of mind. While in the quantum realm, we become nobody, no one, nothing, and focus on pure consciousness. In this world, we do not find our dream job, it finds us. Similarly, we do not desire to seek love, love seeks us.

The strides to enter the realm of the quantum world are very methodical. First, we set a clear intention about our goal- the intentions are very specific and lucid. Second, we generate elevated emotions in our body- emotions that empower us. These thoughts and feelings generate an electromagnetic frequency and connect to the quantum world. In the quantum world, numerous events tend to occur parallel- there are no boundaries of space and time to separate the events. The electromagnetic frequency, when matches the desired event present in the quantum world, the opportunity finds us. We did not travel through space and time to achieve our goals; we resonated with a specific frequency in the quantum world.

Specifically, we feel the experience before they unfold in front of our eyes. We experience a feeling in our bodies without having to physically encounter the events that we desire. We know the event will ultimately happen, and hence we are not preoccupied with the desire. This process might look a simple one; however, it takes a lot of practice.

The processes can be achieved through meditation and mindfulness. This is a new concept that has the potential to revolutionize the world. Many famous luminaries such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, and others have been extensively researching on this subject. They have performed countless experiments where they have been able to apply this knowledge to the real world. For instance, Dr. Joe Dispenza holds numerous seminars every year in different countries and imparts this knowledge to common people like you and me. Surprisingly, many people have healed chronic diseases, found a better career, and generated wealth using the same knowledge of the quantum world. So why not give it a try? Let’s learn how to elevate our thoughts and feelings and set foot to the quantum world. Maybe, we can change our situation and ultimately, of the world.

-Siddhant Sitoula