To celebrate life ,you have to celebrate the little things

I have always been someone who loves to go all out for any birthdays or small achievements. That’s probably because I’ve never understood why you would roll your eyes at a chance to break up the monotony of life. If I can turn any simple day in my life into an explosion of happiness and love, why would I ever miss that chance? In today’s date, our life is so full of rush and stress, we can’t avoid anything in our daily routine but the least thing that we can do is try to celebrate the smallest of the small achievements.

Holidays are meant for celebration, but you are the one who can even turn a monotonous day into a fun and memorable one. When we were kids, we celebrated the first day of school and the last day of school. We celebrate our friend’s birthday, their dog’s birthday, the smallest of our accomplishments. We should actively look for reasons to make a day slightly more than an average one. When we try to celebrate little things in our life, it creates a sense of satisfaction within ourselves. We don’t have to wait for big things to happen to celebrate life. This shall make us ready for huge accomplishments in our life and also teach us to deal with failure.

After all, the trick of combating negativity is trying to form stronger associations with positive feelings. When we train ourselves to identify little things in our life, we learn how to appreciate it. As a result, we stop undermining ourselves and our capacity. We can teach this to our next generations which shall help them live a better life as well.

When the society is filled with jealousy, betrayal and inhumanity, celebrating little things around us is the least that we can do to make ourselves a little more happy each day. When we celebrate our achievements with our friends, family and/or our neighbors, an atmosphere with positive vibes is set among us which tends to increase the overall satisfaction in our lives. So go celebrate your grades, your internship, your relationship, your friendship, your dinners, your lunch, everything that makes you a little more happy.