The art of Zeroing

There is something that happens to each one of us: Zeroing. This is the feeling when you suddenly realize that you’ve grown up from a project that you were committed to for a very long time, grew out of a relationship, or grew from any phase of life. These are all just forms of how Zeroing might manifest in one’s life.

In the development and growth of consciousness, a person naturally grows in and out of everything. Our own experiences in any form, sooner or later, fall off or are taken away in different ways; especially if we don’t make our own transitions. All of this just inspires us to look for newer and better forms for our creative display.

During this period of manifestation, there is a powerful cleansing of old bindings of the past form. The universe tests you for your commitment to new solutions, even though the mind might trick you to return to the old. To counteract this, one should be thankful and grateful for everything that is left behind and more importantly, eagerly await and prepare oneself for all the good that is to come. One should embrace their past stupidity, mistakes, and thoughtlessness in actions; and learn personal lessons. One should be appreciative to their past lovers in the present, even if they are nowhere to be seen now.

Passed roads, I’m sure, were worth it for each one of us. Sometimes I begin to reproach myself because if I had acted with more wisdom and consciousness during past phases, my life would have looked even better now: extra successful, added competency, better. But – no. I am still thankful for everything I am today. Right now, I’ve stated, probably, for the first time with a special thrill to friendship, because I know: not everyone knows how to be friends. Stuffed cones got me in time and shouted: losing people is the biggest problem. If someone feels bad, talk, hug, advice and never judge.

Sharp circumstances taught me that there will be thousands of beautiful cities in my life, but my hometown is one. And in difficult moments, you always have your roots to fall back on. Let me not always be correct in statements, my sharp choice of language has oftentimes created obstacles on my way to happiness. I may still be ashamed of the very ugly actions on my part. But, I still wouldn’t change anything. The main thing is that my experiences, whatsoever carved me into what I am supposed to be. I’m still scribbling chapters of my story. The past is a thread from which my soul is hidden, and I absolutely do not want to shrink the canvas.

No matter how controversial it sounds, but stupidity has its own privileges.

-Saugat Ghimire