The Benefits of practicing accountability

Once Elbert Hubbard said, “Responsibilities gravitate towards the person who can shoulder them”. Identifying your responsibility and taking it upon yourself is the act of achievement which reflects the sense of maturity in you. Responsible behavior is to accept accountability.  When you proceed ahead to take responsibilities, you start to grow, you learn to take yourself to be capable of a certain maturity level that is required to handle those responsibilities. In short, you shall be more confident about yourself as you start to believe in yourself.

When people start accepting additional responsibilities, people actually start giving themselves a promotion. Acceptance of responsibility is a reflection of our attitude and the surrounding we grow in. We are growing in such a selfish environment, where we have seen people taking quick credit for what goes right but very few people would readily accept responsibility when things don’t go accordingly.

People who avoid taking responsibilities, might degrade their worth or value in the society. They will always stand at the back and criticize other’s work and efforts. These people never actually grow up in the sense that they don’t mature emotionally as a result, everyone in the society might not prioritize and validate their opinions. People who don’t take responsibility shift the blame to their parents, friends, family or God, fate, luck. They believe in blame-game and even have aced in it. Responsible behavior should be taught from one’s childhood. One’s parents should cultivate this behavior by starting up with little things such as taking responsibility when they do something wrong so that the child will have a role model to look up to. Children imitate their parents and thus, if parents want to cultivate accountability, they should teach their children how to take accountability by doing it themselves in front of their children.

People who use their privileges without recognizing their responsibilities usually end up losing their privileges to themselves. One needs to have the courage to take the responsibility of anything that happens around them. Each person living in this society has some kind of responsibilities. In the least, one possesses social responsibility which is the moral obligation of every citizen.

So, from today, let’s start taking responsibility for everything we do, it creates a sense of accomplishment within ourselves. You will start to grow, to identify your purpose, to deal with all the problems that happen in your life, you stop blaming others for your work. You can start taking responsibilities with small chores in your home. Make yourself believe in you.