Why the society shames you for having and showing your emotions and here’s what you should be doing in response

Today, I am fed up, I am tired, I feel exhausted, I want to cry my heart out loud. But I can’t because my parents never taught me or allowed me to embrace my emotions out loud. Our society never accepted these emotions at all.  And I know this is neither your fault nor my fault. You were never allowed to laugh out loud so how can you expect to cry out loud. I am tired of facing and conquering this world.

Every time, I do something it’s like winning an achievement from society.  I feel low and sad and if you ask me the reason why,…… I really don’t have any! I may seem like a pretty happy chubby kid but what you don’t know is me, behind that mask, hiding my emotions. I am compelled to hide my emotion from society with the fear that it will be judged. 

I know many of you go through this emotion every day and every minute of the day. Being sad is okay after all it’s your emotion. And it is not true that you are weak and that is the reason for your sadness, after all, the word WEAK is just labeled by society. Because you know how much you have to face, you know what you have gone through, you identify your struggle, you value your sacrifices, and you stand by your side conquering the world. You must be trying really hard to handle the situation but you fail and trust me its okay to fail. It is really okay if you don’t have everything in your control.

You try your infinities to match with the society but you can’t because the society is all about competition, everyone is behind the success, everyone wants money, everyone wants to reach that peak level but among these, your creativity just gets away and loses its way, it really never goes the destined path because of all this. 

 Allow yourself some free space to breathe. It’s okay to mess up, it’s okay to fall down, it’s okay to feel low, it’s okay to fall apart, it’s okay to feel bad, even really really bad ……(exhales) because you know, that it might be the beginning for something different. I know right now some of you may feel I am just exaggerating and creating a hustle-bustle around…… but I also know that many of you might relate to this. So this bringing to the conclusion, says that embrace and embellish all the emotions you have and crying is one of them.

Life is not always about positivity, it’s also about the negativity which brings up within you. Don’t follow the crowd with the “sheeps”, listen to your heart and maybe sometimes take a deep breath and just let it go.


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