Becoming an Egoless Stardust?

René Descartes once said “I think, therefore I am”. Descartes is a French mathematician, philosopher and a scientific thinker. Descartes contributed his being, his identity and his overall existence to his thoughts. This maybe the reason why Descartes’ theories and methodologies are only limited to creating an intelligent “machine” and yes machines have prospered through it. Modern machines have been able to process the commands and circumstances exposed to them and act accordingly i.e. they have been able to think and act “intelligently” giving them the moniker, intelligent machines. Humans on the other hand are not only intelligent being, we are instinctive as well as intuitive. Which means we as humans will always have access to the dimensions that are beyond mind and beyond psychology.

Suppose there is a scenario where you have been wronged by someone. You have been thinking nothing else but the ways to get back at that someone, mind is full of malicious thoughts about the ways you can have your revenge. Suddenly you observe the kinds of thoughts you are having and loathe yourself for thinking like that. Did you see what just happened? It’s subtle, you might have missed it. You can think and also observe your thought process; just like you can observe what you see, smell, touch and hear. This is where you realize ‘You’ as a being are not just your thoughts and if you were identifying yourself as your thoughts then you should know that there exists a whole another dimension untouched: Beyond your thoughts and mind.

There are a few dangers of linking your identification only with your thoughts and one of them is that the process nurtures and expands your “Ego”. Do you remember the time when you had no ego? Probably when you were a kid? All you did was observe and take in, the naivete of a child has no filter on good or bad, it has no judgement. The child now learns the the concepts of superiority and inferiority; that’s the irony of observational learning: developing superiority, because of your wealth, the color of your skin, your last name. The child slowly learns these unreal concepts of society and behaves exactly as how the “teachers” behave and finally completely identifies with these thoughts. Hence, Ego is born among all of us. Ego, in my opinion essentially is nothing but a dark filter in your mind made up of “conditioning and insecurities”, when your thoughts pass through this filter, you do not identify as yourself but your Ego.

But what if we start observing? Observing and analyzing our thought process gradually weakens the blind ego. After a while, you begin to realize that you have a choice to decide if the dark filter is where you want your thoughts to pass through. You can now start to slowly chip away your conditioning as a child, heal your inner child. After all the hardest part of learning process is the unlearning process. You can now finally walk towards becoming the real you: not the first thought that comes to your mind but the one who has mastered his thought process, an Egoless stardust.