Embracing stress is more important than reducing stress

Yeti Journals Stress

Stress is a term that could actually be considered as it is the most pronounced term in today’s date. Stress, neither it foes away nor it is seen, but it is felt. From a small kid with bulky backpacks to human who crossed 70, all of them are stressed.

Especially this term is taken as a popular term in-front of teenagers as family and study stresses them so much that they end up comforting themselves through a stress reliever- drugs for instance. Although the term stress could be as popular as one can find it to be, it is more dangerous as it has capability to risk lives.

Prior to the world before Second World War, the people existing used to have a lot going on. Countries trying to shoot themselves, people being under the king and following whatever they did and so on. However even then the term stress wasn’t announced.  Later when education rounded its way round, psychology and its concept evolved overtime. It was then that people found out about stress.

Stress can affect people lives maliciously. It can alter people’s memories and their functioning. Deep stress issues can cause people with depression as well where tonic of it would be a morphine injection. This morphine injected could first provide the world with a happy and a pleasant beginning but however later will kill us and our very soul.

Stress is a psychotic issue but people find necessary for it to exist. However it is taken as a very vital term, as it generates seriousness in people. Pursuant to a survey, career exclusives find stress a factor that generates fear in them.

‘This fear is taken as a protein tonic as it fastens things for them in their heads. Asian kids are bound to be stressed for exams and Asian wives are expected to cry their stresses out. But is it fair? I believe it isn’t as people are meant to be happy and that a small stress concern can kill them from inside. Let’s enjoy and be happy as this pandemic is just an online exam to check our stress point.