Nothing can disturb your peace of mind unless you allow it to

Yeti Journals Peace of Mind

Mind and brain are two different sides of a coin. Both are interlinked with each other but can’t be considered as a one. Mind is a manner of speaking about our psychological powers as in thinking and remembering. The brain is the analyzing aspect of these powers.

Mind is the operative aspect, while the brain is the physical part. Each one of us struggles everyday to get a peaceful mind which leads to inner- peace, being harmonious and without stress.

We face many sleepless nights, upset stomachs and affected mental status.We are losing our families and friends. We are not being able to nurture our relationship.

We are not satisfied with what we have. We are struggling to handle our relationship. This is all the result of negligence of our mind. When we neglect maintaining our mind, it hampers our whole system of thoughts, innovations and our body too.

To be happier and healthier all we need is a renewing of our minds, that is a change in the pattern of our thoughts. We are often mistaken with our body and our thoughts. We consider ourselves wrong, while actually it is our thoughts that are wrong.

A primary method for gaining a mind full of peace is to practice emptying the mind. .We should be able to empty our mind of fears that we have, hates that we face, insecurities that we are stuck with, regrets that we make and guilt feelings that we possess. And without a doubt, when you work on emptying your mind of these thoughts, it tends to give you relief.

We all have that one person who means alot to us to whom we can honestly and without any discomfort share everything that our heart holds upon to make our mind lighter. Sharing our burden of thoughts with that person gives  you a sense of release.

It is the same process that works for emptying your mind too. But when the mind is emptied, we are supposed to fill it again. Or else your empty vessel, would eat you up again with those negative thoughts. Now is the perfect time that you fill your mind with happy thoughts quickly. These thoughts will clean your mind and make it more healthier and will help you attain a mind full of peace.

It creates a sense of refreshment in your idea and thoughts. Your emotions are now under control of yours. We can realize from this, that getting peace of mind is actually not that complicated as we think of. We need to feed our mind with thoughts that make it peaceful. To have a mind of peace, we need to fill it up with peaceful thoughts. It’s as simple as that.

Peace now flows in your mind, into our souls and into our body. When we are successful to get happy and positive thoughts in our mind, it sharpens and makes your mind fresh and healthy. And when your mind is healthy, you yourself start focusing on each and every detail of your work.

It generates you power to think distinctively. It helps you to store new ideas and thoughts that portrays your positive attitudes towards anything. Let’s proceed ahead to make our mind peaceful, so that we would be able to be happy in this world.