What does Pride mean for the queer community, and Why do we celebrate pride?

Celebration Pride Month

Every June we commemorate the Stonewall Uprising in New York City, 1969 by celebrating it as Pride month. A month where we honour and celebrate in the names of the folks who took the bold step to stand up for queer rights; Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and everyone else involved in the riot. We celebrate Pride as a defiance; a bold resistance of being true to ourselves.We commemorate the past that has brought us here and the intersectional future of equity we continue to fight for. 

Growing up in a heteronormative and a patriarchal society; the progress made in the aspect of queer rights seem like a lighthouse emitting its luminescence in the dark from afar. Some remain apathetic towards the light for they have been taught not to wander away from their familiarity but for some, the light gives a strong hope; a yearning for understanding their identity and their feelings.

A big warm hug; that’s what Pride feels like. A train of safe reflections where we find folks who welcome us with open arms. It formulates an acceptance regardless of who we are and who we choose to love. 

Even for some people who acknowledge the light, the light still isn’t welcomed in their homes. It creates a paradox as our roots remain deeply soiled in the land of internalized homophobia. For such reason, honestly accepting one’s identity and feelings still remain as a hard pill to swallow for queer folks as well. Celebrating pride comes as a reflection of how far we’ve come by accepting and battling our internalized misogyny and homophobia. The battle feels never ending for we are rooted deep but the step towards digging the hatred out is what is applaudable.

The core of this writing is also a reminder of the significance of celebrating Pride all 365 days a year. It is a constant in life where it’s about living every day out with integrity and honesty. Pride is a big beautiful garden where the flowers bloom together in mutualism not only yielding its power from being proud of oneself but also from blooming in union as being proud of our friends and family. It comforts in knowing that there is no definition of how to be or how to feel.

Pride to me, is a warm affection as to understanding that coming out isn’t an essence, and we’re entitled to respect and acceptance, regardless of it.

Pride to me, is the chance to be openly vulnerable, loving, expressive, and honest.

Happy Pride!