Nature’s comeback? as the coronavirus pandemic threatens the world

Yeti Journlas

COVID-19, the ultimate threat given by nature to each human kind has now started to take its devastated side in all over the world. The pandemic has spread around the world at lightning  speed. We can’t even have the count on the numbers, as the number is fluctuating each second.

According to many philosophers, this is a result of human’s action of ignoring humanity, killing each other, destroying nature and many more sins. As the pandemic has won to rule over mankind, the only safe way to be protected by the virus was lockdown, which has been imposed by many governments.

The only option left- lockdown, has created different difficulties in our daily lives. But if there is something positive to take from this terrible crisis situation, it could be the pleasant taste of air that is possible for us to breathe now.

As the whole world has taken a “pause” , it helps nature to breathe again and rejuvenate. We, the sapiens were responsible to maintain and take care of nature, but as we all can experience the present context has become totally opposite, because it’s nature who has been working as the mechanism for our survival. We are now just supposed to give space to nature to overcome this crucial phase that has been welcomed by the city in China.

There are parallels between the lagging global efforts to address both the COVID-19 and the climate crisis. We all have united together to combat this virus , but the monstrous effect of the virus seems to be in love with the immune system of each human being. The dropping level in NO₂ has allowed lungs to again experience the pure oxygen. The clear clouds have allowed birds to sing again.

The  wind has brought back the cold breeze with it. Stars are much more visible in the sound sky. The snow covers the mountains just like the “icing on a cake”.

Nature pondering its figure on us has been able to bless us through many rough times, but this time it has tried to give us a lesson. We need to respect it too. In this universe, where we were ruling over the world with robots and fascinating technology, the pandemic is a reminder that there is nature still ruling over us and we cannot overtake it. When we people stay at our home, many wildlifes are actually getting their home back to live in.

With less number of cars running on the street, with less number of crowds roaming around, it has made the lives of wildlife more carefree as recently we have witnessed many extinct wild animals wildering upon the cities.

In India, already daring wildlife has become bolder with hungry monkeys entering homes and opening refrigerators to look for food. Eagles around us are found at ease. Animals coming back to our life is actually unusual to us so it has also become social-media staples.

To stop the spread of other deadly viruses, we really need to pull us together and stop wildlife trade as we even know the peculiar virus was also generated from “bats”.“It is giving us this quite extraordinary insight into just how much of a mess we humans are making of our beautiful planet,”says conservation scientist Stuart Pimm of Duke University.

“This is giving us an opportunity to magically see how much better it can be.” Even if we are forced to breathe inside our house in this present phase, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22 amidst this pandemic.

Sometimes you don’t notice something, until it’s gone. Such is one life gazing lesson of this pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how quickly air quality can improve. But it doesn’t mean that we need to encourage the pandemic and forget the deadly threat it has imposed on human society.

We aren’t even supposed to celebrate this pandemic for its impact on the environment. We all know the clearer skies came at a devastating, social and economic cost.

As we all know, in the presence of Pollution and Poverty, there won’t be Prosperity. The three P’s never go together. Suffice to say, protecting nature is our first, best, and most cost-effective line of defense against future pandemics.

We must put our hands together, bring our thoughts into action and work consciously to care and support our environment so that we could have and pass pollution free and beautiful world to the upcoming generation.