Be yourself — Everyone else is already taken.

The importance of Being yourself. Yeti Journals

The person who loves you the most is no one else but you, yourself. The bond that you have with your soul is extremely special within it. No one can understand you and your feelings better than yourself.  But, as we are taught from our childhood, we always tend to look forward to another person as an admirer. We weren’t brought up with the concept of appreciating and accepting ourselves, just the way we are. Even if plenty of people try, they ultimately lead to failure.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”, as said by Oscar Wilde. In the universe where we fail to reflect our own image in the mirror as we try to cover our face with many lies, fake smiles, and fake versions of ourselves , we tend to forget the real essence of being oneself. When we were taught that we can be anything that we want in our future as we grow adults, we cannot be anyone we want to be. You can be a writer, a doctor, a pilot, but you have no choice except for being yourself. This is the only wisest option left to you.

I know, it is kind of a challenge and it is difficult to be ourselves. We were always reminded and are also currently being reminded that we are not enough as we are. No one, in this mother earth would accept us the way we are. Let alone the strangers, our parents wanted us to behave, think and look in different ways. It is the moral behaviour of each human being for social relationship and connectivity with other human beings. For which we had to compromise or adjust so that we wouldn’t be left alone, and isolated.

So we had to find ways to convince others to like us and make them realize that we are worth their friendship and we deserve to fit in their circle. In simple words, we had to pretend. We are actually mastering at covering ourselves with the veil of pretence. As growing up, we have learnt to wear different kinds of masks, a mask to cover our fear, a mask to cover our insecurities, a mask to cover our actual identity. The burden of these masks are pouring us down, without even noticing it.

When we actually start to live for ourselves, not for others sake then is the only time that true happiness will reach to us. We then will only be capable of trusting our soul, appreciating our behaviour.  We need to learn to prioritise ourselves, before anyone. We have come through a lot of harsh and rough times, we have conquered different wars within ourselves, we have neglected “ourselves” for a very long time. So after all these happenings, we deserve to be loved once and forever.

 But until when are we going to pretend? When will be the time, when we aren’t compared to other children by our parents? Are we ever going to be  satisfied with being ourselves? Will we ever be happy again? Will we start to choose ourselves first than others? Not being able to go your own path in life, is actually limiting yourself with imaginary boundaries of society.

“You are born original, don’t die a copy ” by John Mason is a simple sentence with heavy weight. Having uncertainty of the world and life after your death, it is therefore within our hands to either live our life with default or with design . It indeed, is in our hand to shape our life the way we want it to be . Are we born to live for others or for oneself ?  Who else will accept you if you can’t accept yourselves ? Who else will love you if you cannot love yourself?