Getting Lost means finding a New Way

Do you ever feel lost? Do you ever find yourself undermining yourself and your confidence? Do you feel lonely even if you are surrounded by hundreds of people? Do you ever feel separated from your family or friends? Do you ever feel that everyone’s achieving their goals and you are the only one who is falling behind? Do you, at most times label yourself as a ‘loser’? Do you consider yourself the reason for your failure? Do you at times fear of your own existence? Do you get confused about whether to cry or to fake a smile?

Trust me, it is normal to feel this way, you are not alone. Along with you, I and millions of other humans face these feelings time and often. I have accepted these feelings and I am moving ahead with these. How? I try not to avoid my own feelings. I believe that everything happens for a reason. So our feelings also have a strong reason for its existence. You don’t have to prove your existence to anybody or validate it in terms of what the rest of the world defines as being “on track to success”.

Our brain shapes and structures our thoughts. This might be a phase in your life, but there are more complex and harsh times yet to come. Maybe you just need to be prepared for that time. We often tend to make a huge mistake when we convince our minds to ignore the negativity and the negative thoughts that occur inside our head. Instead, we should be able to identify these thoughts, find out the core reason for the establishment of these thoughts, and then accept its existence, which is the first step in searching for a solution to overcome it.

No one can help you and understand yourself in such situations. You need to be the driver of your own thoughts. It’s you who is the creator of these thoughts, so it’s for sure that you have an alternative to destroy them or manage them in some way. You need to wake your soul up, assemble your warriors, and fight with your own thoughts. At last, it is YOU who will conquer your thought process. Sometimes, getting lost can help you to find a new way. It shall then be a wise decision to follow that way. You never know, you might find your target destination at the end of your new way.

You can initiate overcoming these thoughts by practicing different activities and finding out which one of them works for you. Try meditating; this might help you to bring inner-peace. You can be your warrior by forgiving yourself and by fighting with your negative thoughts in a healthy process. I know, forgiving yourself is easier said than done; you need to forgive yourself for all those times where you tried so hard to accomplish something and yet you failed. Try to look at the positive side of it, you happened to try at least, trying is better than not trying at all. You learn something from it. Try to be appreciative of your own little efforts.

The first step to forgive yourself is to accept that it wasn’t you who was responsible for the wrong that has happened with you but it was the person who wronged you. Look in the mirror and say it to yourself, “It wasn’t your fault, I forgive you.” You don’t have to say it loud but look into your own eyes and believe in yourself while you say this. Practice this every day, be kind with yourself as much as you are with the people you love. Make sure to try these things out and evaluate your feelings afterwards. You’ll definitely feel better. Of all the kindness you show to the world, show half of it to yourself, it will help you to find a new and better way to learn, grow and evolve.