What difference does a moment of appreciation make in life?

One free afternoon while I was surfing through my Facebook News Feed, I happened to read numerous posts from people/friends acknowledging and praising sportsmen, actors and celebrities; generally, people who work in media. For a moment I felt good about seeing so many appreciative posts and comments, people supporting other people is a calming sight. But after a while, it hit me hard and I was compelled to give it a conscious thought. This modern world is so busy in acknowledging superficiality that it forgets all humans are same from within. People are so busy fantasizing about media personalities and their staged lives that we sometimes fail to appreciate real things in life.

Praising politicians, sportsmen, actors and celebrities is very normal but acknowledging the contributions of normal people around us is mostly overlooked. And you know, all of these high profile people will be absolutely okay, if they do not receive these acknowledgements and attentions. We forget about the cobbler or the shopkeeper who lives next our door helping our everyday life become better and easier for years.

Have you ever praised or even acknowledged them for their contribution to your life? Most likely not. Don’t worry; it doesn’t make you any different from other humans. Okay, but you most probably have praised or complemented a friend who is a doctor or a teacher or maybe someone who is still struggling with his life and giving their 100%, Haven’t you?  I agree that all of us are busy with our life and daily chores, life goes by a blink of an eye. But do we ever take a moment to think about other people? Shouldn’t we? These other people are also busy in acknowledging and praising politicians, sportsmen, actors and celebrities: just like you. Well, I am not trying to imply that they don’t deserve it, they definitely do, but there are many other people who deserve it all too.

Too often people overlook the phenomenal power of a small compliment, a soothing word and/or a small moment of acknowledgement, all of which have the magnificent capacity to turn lives around, ever wondered about this, you’d be making someone’s day if you tell them you loved the job they did for you. And the people who need it more are not these people we call ‘Public Figures’, but ordinary people like you and me.

Nobody has it easy, nobody knows the kind of battle someone else must be fighting or the situation someone is in or has been through. Every single person has worked hard on their parts and tried their best to be where and who they are right now. Everybody, at some point in their life, has failed terribly. But they did not give up on their battles; they survived their failures, learnt their lessons and came back stronger than ever. Isn’t it beautiful? Everyone has their own scars, and stories associated with those scars.

Next time dear readers, if you get a chance, try praising ordinary people around you for little things they do and see their faces light up with happiness. If you get a chance, hug your family and tell them how amazing and supportive they have been to you all their life. Next time if you happen to meet the cobbler who mends the shoes you walk in, compliment them for their craftsmanship. Next time if you meet a vegetable seller or a shopkeeper, thank them in a moment of appreciation for how the work they do make your life so easy. And then, see the differences you bring to their lives. Trust me, these small acts of kindness can make anybody’s day. And my dear friend, don’t forget that you too are one of them, you are great, the efforts you make touches the lives of so many others. Be grateful to yourself, appreciate yourself, and love yourself a little more than everyone else. Thank yourself for being such an amazing person. Of all the things we tend to take for granted, the worst would be ourselves