Is he cheating? Lust is very important in relationships but what’s important is what else you have

There is a huge debate on the internet and in our real lives about commitment. It means different things to everyone. Some think that if a partner is physically involved with somebody outside the committed relationship, it counts as cheating otherwise it does not. Some people think that if their partners find other people attractive and check them out, it is cheating. Here’s a story of a married man; judge him for yourselves.

He gazed at her and forgot how it felt when he lay with his wife because at the moment, Maaya was all he could think of. After all, she was right in front of him. The way her lips fluttered when she talked about her new plans for the ultimate success of the project, and how her slender and long fingers slid their way through the screen where the Power point presentation she made, most probably little by little during the nights she worked on it, curled up in her bed, wrapped inside her fluffy blanket, her sleek hair falling all the way from her forehead to her breasts, which probably were c cups, waved up so perfectly like the locks were tracing their way through those extraordinary curves she had. Her eyes had a particular sparkle on them, almost bewitching.

The sunrays coming from window across the hall made them reflect the tint of hazel protected by her long, well groomed lashes which drew attention from the rest of her perfectly carved face. And then, when she most gracefully tried to tuck those waves at the back of her extremely “nibble-able” ears, the waves in his heart skipped beats, He couldn’t help but notice those streaks sliding down again, covering some of her perfectly sculpted cheeks, her neck and those collar bones so deep he wondered if he could sip wine from them. And then, when Maaya wraps up her presentation with a smile by saying “I would love to answer any of your queries “, he wondered if he could ask her out for dinner, he would happily drop her home then; to go back home to his wife.

His feelings for his wife were quite different. He liked how her eyes gleamed up when she would be doing or talking about something she loves. She baked the world’s most delicious cookies and they would do a baking competition on some Saturdays; he knows he will lose but then he would get to have those amazing cookies made by Purnima. Purnima weaved the sweater he had been wearing that day. Such her hands were, everyone complimented him and asked him about where he bought them. True that some things cannot be bought with the riches. When he first saw her, she would be walking by herself around the campus, feeding the dogs that come her way. She has a compassionate heart and that is probably what made him pursue her in the first place.

She is the reflection of her name; Purnima means full moon night. She is the light of his life. On the day of their wedding, he could not sleep the night before. He was pondering about how their lives were about to change but when Purnima came to his life, she made it look so easy. Loving her came so very naturally to him, he wanted to protect her and be her hero all the time. Purnima has a little mole on the right side of her hips, the mole such, he can trace his hands to them without having to see. When she comes out of the bathroom after a shower, she smells like flowers. He likes to tickle her mole, right then and there and he does.

Human emotions are complex, as much as it is easy to understand everything else, humans suck at understanding themselves in the first place. Such are the feelings of love and lust. LUST is carnal, LOVE is built, patiently and passionately, brick by brick, until your best and worst selves its comfortable revel in the space altogether. Everything exists in polarity and the dual nature of things is what makes us the complicated beings we are today. The article above might look vague but you can feel what makes a difference. In my opinion, unless someone takes an action on the basis of their feelings of lust, there is nothing wrong with getting attracted to someone else. Everything depends on what kind of direction you act on.

Hope you make good choices because thoughts are merely thoughts, unless you act on them.