The equation of Love doesn’t count Gender

Love is a universal language, a feeling of ticklish butterflies in your stomach, a sense of acceptance, the most positive emotion and the simplest of pleasures. You can love something or someone anytime, whether it is a person or a pet. Each one of us deserve to be loved the way we want or at least know what it feels like. But even in a world full of Rush and Robots, we are bound by different limitations and thresholds to love someone or something. 

The society has already set its guidelines for loving someone. A boy can only fall in love with a girl and a girl can only fall in love with a boy. Such hetero-normative narrative of a society when it comes to love harms a lot of people. It means that a gender has already been fixed when you proceed ahead to love someone. The society doesn’t understand something: if you choose from your heart who you express your love to, it will never be unnatural or inferior. Yet in this society who calls itself intellectual, it is totally unacceptable if it goes against the principle developed by the society’s guidelines made thousands of years ago, to oppress minority voices. 

Being in a same sex relationship is not a ‘shame’, it has the potential to help people grow together, just as any other relationship does. All human beings are dispersed to different professions. If two individuals love each other and decide to marry each other, no third-party should intervene in it, rather it be a boy and a girl or a girl and a girl, or a boy and a boy. It is their choice and their decision. But why does this question one’s identity, one’s family background? In today’s world, no one is entitled to answer anyone’s questions. 

Since our early childhood we have been taught that the earth is our common home and we all are equals but right after that when we see the provoking fingers at the same sex couple, the embarrasment that they have to go through, the taunts that they face, all of these things compells us to question our ‘ideal’ concept of living together as humans. They are just being treated inhumanely just because they fell in love with their own sex. This doesn’t imply any logic in today’s world where we claim ourselves a bit improvised and modernised. 

One falls in love when there is understanding, care and respect for one another but when gender emerges as one of the top requirements for any couple to be together, is it only me who feels that now, people’s perception, attitude and feelings are all useless when compared to gender? Why is it socially unacceptable to be loved and to love an individual who is from same sex even in this period of time where everything else is acceptable and we call ourselves free people?

If you feel secure and safe with your partner, if you feel your partner is enough for you and is the one with whom you are ready to share your future with, then you should definitely go for it. Elements like gender shouldn’t affect your life decisions. After all it is you who is sharing your life not the society. So, why should one sacrifice their loved ones and their love just to shut the mouths of others? Why can’t we accept the fact that one’s happiness should always be greater in comparison to the judgment of our so-called society? Do not confuse yourself when it’s time to make a choice, when you know it’s real; love with gender barriers don’t make sense. It is our loved ones who will stick with us until the end, no matter what, even when everyone else is gone.