The Power of words : What you speak is more powerful than you think

What you speak is powerful than what you think

Have you ever realized how incredibly amazing the power of words we speak is? I was astonished when I first felt it. On a mild, hazy Sunday, I took my dog out for a walk to a nearby park. After a walk of about half an hour, I sat on a bench with my dog beside me. To my left was an old man sitting on a mat with a small pot and a board in front of him that said: “I am blind. Please Help Me!”. Many people passed by, saw him, felt bad about him for a while and continued with their lives. 

However, some people donated some bucks. A while later, a lady came to the place. She picked the board up, erased it and wrote: “I am sure it’s a beautiful day, but I can’t see it.” And then the whole story changed. Soon after she wrote that, the blind old man began to receive an ample amount of bucks. Every visitor who passed by, now gave him a few bucks and so. I was deeply moved by it to comprehend that words do have an incredible power, and we have the power to choose what words to use. 

Here’s another one of my life experiences that makes me ascertain how remarkable the power of words are! I remember my teacher shouting: “C’mon, Suraj, You can do it!” When I suddenly paused while speaking on the stage in front of a big audience for the first time. And then I made it to the end so fairly. I wonder, had he not encouraged me that day, I most probably wouldn’t have been a good public speaker today. 

Words can make you and words can break you as well. Words can console the greatest of the world’s failures. All you need to do is learn how to use them wisely. In this uncertain world, we make so many mistakes, of which the most common one is speaking without giving it a thought and as a consequence, the whole scenario changes. Words, when not used wisely, bring chaos, misunderstanding and hatred among people. Words may make you fall in love with the person you hate the most and the reverse is just as true. 

What if I tell you that the people who are in your life right now will not be with you forever? Would you still judge or hate them? No you wouldn’t. Rather you would want to spend some more time with them. You would want to talk to them, you would want to listen to what they had to say. And maybe, just for a few moments, you would want to genuinely love them. Speak to yourself and to others in such a way that your words can inspire and motivate people, for you never know which one of your conversations is going to create the most impact on someone.

So my dear readers, let your words flow for positivity, let them shower love and let them bring about great changes around you.