COVID-19 :Lockdown as an Ultimatum

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Lockdown. A recent safety measure taken by countries to regulate or literally stop the contagious virus to grow. COVID-19 as we say it. This virus started to breakout from China in the year 2019 and broke down to almost all the countries present in a round globe in the form of a life taking horror by the initials of the year of 2020. Till date countries like Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, India, Nepal etc have been entering into the solution of lockdown with quite a good motive of protecting and safe guarding people. But as my title says, is this the only ultimatum left and what if the situation doesn’t change. Well as for now, yes lockdown is the ultimate situation and solution. However for it to abolish completely an antidote to it is needed. The preparation to make an antidote to this virus will take a minimum of 18 months. And I sadly believe that until this antidote is prepared, this virus is likely to grow and eventually spread.

Pursuant to the latest updates, 738679 cases of covid-19 has been observed. The death toll has risen up to 35,012 and recovered are 156,317. The data’s are breath taking as this makes up to realise the severity of this disease. Even the best doctors around the globe aren’t able to solve cases for it and scientists are right there yet researching about it. So since nothing can be done, people are compelled to be in quarantine. It’s like imprisoning them but yes it’s for the good. The economy breakdowns are right there in front just because of this disease. The games are being cancelled and things are just getting post- time with an extended limit. Relationships are facing divorces and that trust issues are at it’s peak.

This virus is called pandemic by WHO considering its seriousness and the way it has affected lands in months. The unusual thing about it is that it seems a common flu or cold for a period of 12-21 days which is called the incubation period and that it transmits even without the victim knowing about it.  This virus doesn’t discriminate however. If proper measures aren’t taken, it can cause death to anybody. Examples can be taken from the Iranian deputy health minister and also Prince Philips who had been tested positive for corona. It is found that the deputy health minister was in a random show giving consolations to the victims of corona while he was having dry coughs. After a few days, he was tested positive. This paints a picture of transmission done by a single person. It is said that a person can transmit its virus to almost 800 people at a time. This calculations are frustrating and dangerous.

The main question or query we are bound to ask in this very situation is of the time limit of lockdown. The time limit is unpredictable but however it is till the situation is under control.  The lockdowns are for a 14-21days time in order to predict cases of covid-19 in their respective lands. This decision have broken the ultimate trust of several daily paid workers who have difficulties in even managing a continuous meal for themselves. The government of Nepal and specially the government of our so called neighbouring country India, is doing a tremendous job by providing basic facilities to road siders and daily paid workers. The government here is trying to wait for the cases of covid-19 as per the incubation period. Hopefully if in this period of 14 days, the cases do not occur, and even in the worst scenario if they do, the patients could be treated and the entire situation could be under control. However the boarder locks are a must until the antidote with a clear treatment arises. So rather than complaining about the lockdowns, all we need to is have patience because it’s for us and our safety.