Handicrafts in Nepal

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Handmade gifts are the essence of Nepali marketplace and its products. Since this whole growth in tourism industry in the country has been going on in the past couple of decades in regards with the beautiful destinations and a fistful of adventure options, Nepalese handicraft industry has also raced towards being a growing proportion of the GDP of the country. Nepal, being the home to diverse cultural art and practices, has a variety of exclusively crafted products to offer.

There are lots of growing Nepalese handicraft companies who jointly serve as a creative platform for this ever growing Nepali marketplace that aims to promote and sell hand-made gifts, merchandise and exclusive goods and products that are designed and handcrafted in and speak for the country and her beautiful people. The endless list of products the Nepali marketplace provides have Mad Honey, Natural Incense, Cruelty free Natural Soap, Lokta paper handicrafts, Mithila and Mandala art items and clothes mostly made out of Hemp or Cotton fabric, Himalayan Coffee, Stamp and Coin Collection and other souvenir items on the top of the list.

So if you’re looking for anything in between Nepal’s organic tea/coffee to cultural arts, you can always visit little aesthetic shops in nooks and corners of Nepalese tourist areas in every major city and you can browse through lots of things that might touch the artist in you.

Bestowed with the required skills and expertise, the Nepalese handicraftsmen in rural and urban areas will tickle your imagination with the unique textures, patterns and materials used to make such products available in the marketplace. With the Nepalese people being more mindful about their wellbeing and more spiritually aware, you can find lots of items in the marketplace that would touch that spiritual and imaginative side of yours, whether it be a gift for a loved one, souvenir back home from Nepal or something decorative for your home space.