Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?

“When was the last time you truly were happy and content?”, someone asked me. I tried to recall my recent ‘happy’ memories, and I found nothing but momentary bliss that did not last more than a day. As I dug deeper, I realized the last time I probably was truly content in my life was when I was a kid. There was no stress, no needless worrying, no overthinking, just fun. I miss being a kid.

As kids, we did not care about the world but had our own little worlds and realities that we had created for ourselves. We loved doing things that gave us joy and refused to do things that did not. We had hobbies about which we would tell so proudly whenever someone asked us to introduce ourselves. Making origamis, writing poems, playing instruments, playing sports, painting sceneries (the one with hills, a rising sun, and a river), collecting rocks and stamps, reading comic books, even drawing and writing our own comics and whatnot. I’m sure every one of us had at least one hobby that we truly loved doing, For me, they were dance and art.

As we grow up, we tend to be so busy in life and work that we forget what we truly loved to do. We consider those were just the pieces of our past and what we ‘used’ to do. But are they only fated to be in our memories? Definitely not. We can still enjoy them as much as we did before.

So, with the same spirit, a week ago, I bought some painting supplies – some poster colors, paintbrushes, sketch pens, and art papers. I realized that I had not done this in ages, and the end result was quite questionable to be one made by a 20-year-old. However, the process of painting was exuberating for me. There was something about mixing colors and smearing those colors in the canvas that gave me so much delight. Or it was just the fact that I reliving my childhood again that brought me joy.

Childhood was the best time of our lives for many of us. So, when we do something that we enjoyed doing as a child, it brings back many cherished memories that makes us relive it. It’s like the feeling that we get when we listen to an old throwback song we loved.

I have been doing this daily for a week now and I feel weirdly happier than I lately had been. Try it for yourself and you will be too. So, pick up your old guitar and jam, make paper boats and let it sail, smear paints in your palm and imprint it in a wall, put on your favorite throwback song and dance, do whatever you loved to do as a kid, and have fun.