Don’t let rejection kill your Muse

Dont let rejection kill you muse

Everyone asks me to stay positive, follow affirmative things. Similarly,  I ask everyone else to stay positive.  I guess we are living in this circle of “wanna-be” positive environments. This is a cornerstone of many of the so-called positive thinking books: open yourself up to opportunities, accept yourself, say yes to everything and everyone, and so on. But if we do so, is nothing going to be rejected?

I believe we need to reject something and accept something  to maintain the equilibrium of our life. Or else we stand for nothing. If nothing is better or more desirable than anything else, then we are empty, our life doesn’t hold any meaning in it. We then tend to live our life without any purpose, we aspire to nothing anymore, our life goes without any value. At some point in our life, we need to reject something to get somewhere to acquire another thing in our life.

I know for many of us it is really hard to face the harsh reality of  rejection. We find it rather easier to avoid rejection. But avoiding rejection gives us short-term pleasure by making us rudderless and directionless in the long-term.

There’s an extrinsic level of joy that you reach in life, when you spend your whole eternity investing in your career, in your relationship. And you cannot achieve those eternity of investment without rejecting alternatives. In your life, you attain to reject something at every turn. The basic point is that: we all must reject something in order to value something.

Rejection is an important and crucial element of our life. Nobody wants to get stuck in their life, everyone wants to step into the ladder of success.  Nobody wants to be in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy. Nobody wants to indulge in a business that doesn’t make profit for them. Nobody wants to choose the wrong alternative. But we end up doing wrong things which makes us realize the value of rejection.

So to move ahead, we gotta reject many alternatives. We have to be honest with ourselves at making some choices and rejecting some choices. By accepting all the choices, we can be less rude but we can’t be happy in our own life. Honesty is what we all crave for, but part of having honesty in our lives is becoming comfortable with staying and hearing the word “no”. In this way rejection actually makes our relationships better and our emotional lives healthier.