What is holding us Back?

Yeti Journaks

Franklin D Roosevelt said, “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today”. As this announces, we people doubt ourselves and our work way too much. These doubts have created a threshold to our thoughts and mindset too. Even if we look into our life, we try to move on with our emotional doubts which turns out to be a brake in the achievement of ours. These brakes can be our fear to speak something, procrastination, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence etc. The only way to release your emotional brakes and press on the accelerator of your life is by realizing your value, your ideas, your self-worth, and accepting your responsibility.

How many times did you keep your opinions to yourself only just because of the fear of judgment? How many times did you go numb, when someone asked you to give your idea about something? When was the last time that you didn’t doubt yourself? How many times did you let your ideas be represented by others and gave them the credit for it? These all situations were due to the result of fear and self-doubt. We need to work on overcoming our fears so that you can pave your path to success. We need to build courage to speak our mind out. When our mind is filled with courage we tend to forget our fears and overcome obstacles. Bill Gates never waited for miracles to happen, rather sleeked courage and strength to overcome problems.

We need to firstly believe in ourselves. We need to have a stable self-esteem which can go unshakeable, even if unexpected problems arise. People with low self-esteem often face failure in their lives. They are constantly looking for identity. They are trying to find oneself, not realizing that one’s self is not to be found, but to be created. I believe idleness is the major cause of low self-esteem. When you sit idle, you feel like a loser, you don’t move ahead to do something which leads to affect your self-esteem. Idleness is like rust that eats into the most brilliant metal.

We have filled our minds with unnecessary fears which stops us before doing anything. Fear is the one which results in a lack of self-confidence. We often fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of making wrong decisions, fear of judgments, fear of being unprepared. Fear of failure is often worse than failure itself. Failure is not the worst thing that can happen to someone. To live in a fear is to live in an emotional prison. As we fear to start any new work, we think it is better rather to never start it and be limited in our own comfort zone.

No one gets successful overnight. We need to work hard and smart to get it. We are living in an age of instant gratification. There is a pill for everything, from waking you up to putting you to sleep. Nowadays people are so dependent on pills, that they even take on to reduce their stress or problems. In the same way, many people want to take shortcuts to their success. We don’t want to work hard but want all the rewards. The problem with people today is that they want everything instantly. They are looking for instant solutions. Like instant coffee, they want instant happiness. This instant gratification just leads to failure.

When you overcome these factors, you reach a point where nothing can hold you back anymore. You then start to attain goals and make your path to success. We utilize all our senses and understandings to create an impact on even the minute things in our life. With greater practice and learning, you win within yourself.