Incense and Spirituality

When I was little and I used to visit my grandparent’s home, there always used to be this characteristic aroma which made me feel very calm. And for a very long time until my adult years, I have always connected that aroma with the feeling of comfort and tranquility to my grandparent’s home. Unless one day, I happened to be passing by an antique shop in lakeside and my brain had the rush of same calm nostalgia I used to have back when I was a kid. Later afterwards, I came to know that it was the smell of burning sage, an ancient herb that is believed to clean up the negative energy of any space with the help of its aroma. Spirituality has been a friend to the eastern culture since time immemorial and incenses and fragrances have always been our spiritual tool-101.

Since ancient times, organic aromatic materials have been made into some sort of paste and molded into sticks, cones and other geometries which when flamed and then fanned or blown out, leaves a glowing ember that smoulders and releases an aesthetic fragrance. These materials are well known as incenses which have been used for cultural, religious and spiritual reasons for many years by now.

Not only incense helps in counteracting bad or unpleasant odors and replace it with a more pleasant aroma, they have also been widely used for meditation, calming and soothing your mind and body and is also believed to repel bad energy and create a positive atmosphere triggered by the smell. People also use it for purifying the atmosphere or the ambience. The Buddhist monks are long known to use incenses for the mystical aromas in their purification rites. Not just this, during the ancient times, burning incense was also considered as an aphrodisiac and said to be used by Egyptian goddesses and nymphs.

Incenses can make you feel more spiritual and connected to yourself, help you cleanse your aura, improve your mood, soothe stress, might help in getting a better quality of sleep, boost energy levels with the uplifting fragrance it produces. This is why they have been most widely used as a spiritual tool and has its use in many religious and ceremonial practices. There are other numerous benefits of burning incense like:

Helps you calm down and unwind those juggled up thoughts.

Helps you soothe your mind and reduce stress levels.

The soothing aroma heightens the feelings of generosity and mindfulness.

Stimulates creativity and increases focus.

Those incenses with antibacterial properties help in air purification.

Could be your tool for spirituality and meditation.

Incenses , having all these benefits fall into the most important category of goods that you take along on a spiritual journey of awakening with you. Along with Incenses , other herbs like sage is also believed to cleanse the energy of your home or office space and is used as different kind of spiritual rituals. Your spirituality is your unique way of feeling yourself and incenses might just be one of those things that might make you feel grounded and at your best. There are hundreds and thousands types of incense fragrances to choose from, choose what makes you feel the most connected to your inner self. The most popular ones include Lavender, sandalwood, juniper, lemongrass, jasmine, chamomile and lots and lots of others, you just need to go out there and find what makes you feel in alignment with your soul.