Suppressed Emotions — It is a terrible error to let any natural impulse, physical or mental, stagnate

Supressed Emotions yeti Journals

Emotions are the intrinsic feeling you feel towards something or someone depending upon the situation or circumstances thereon. Emotions are the feeling that you feel inside your soul which are sometimes representable while sometimes it is not. But these days do we actually express our emotions out? Do we really show what we feel? Do we understand our emotions?

 We prefer to suppress our many differing emotions, due to the fear of being wrong. We tend to hide our emotions due to the fear of being judged by people and society.

We don’t disclose our emotions due to the fear of being labelled as ‘weak’. We have now developed the habit of even faking our emotions out. There are very few people who are actually honest with expressing their emotions.

While we were growing up, we were never ever taught to reflect our emotions well. When we got angry, our parents asked us to stay calm and ignore our anger. When we were dancing out of happiness, our parents held us back to watch our movement.

When we were sad, we started crying but even then we weren’t allowed to cry out loud. But when we can’t cry out loud, how are we expected to reveal our happiness heartily? We all know that this is neither their fault, nor our fault.

We can represent our strength and weakness through our emotions. But as we are maturing, we are realizing that our whole emotional system has been corrupted and we are failing to even identify our emotions. We don’t embrace our emotions quite often. We all are busy portraying our fake positiveness, that we tend to forget to reveal our true emotions that we have been hiding behind our masks of pretence.

You are blessed with both positive and negative emotions. You just need to recognise it and handle it delicately. It is not important to just focus on positivity and ignore negativity, after all these negative vibes are also a part of your life and you.

When you feel joy about something, it is obvious to feel sad about something too and trust me being sad is okay after all it’s a part of picturing your emotion through it. Life has granted you all these emotions, so why not show it off?

We gotta start exploring our emotions. We deserve to be happy at our success. We deserve to cry out loud whenever we feel like. We deserve to show our anger. Why do we hold it back to ourselves? When we tend to suppress these emotions inside, your soul starts getting contaminated which ultimately affects the style of living your life.

Don’t allow others to control your emotions. You need to start embracing and embellishing each of your emotions. It is not necessary to follow the crowd, when you yourself can find your way out, and pave it with your beautiful emotions.