Lets talk about Insecurity.

It is not unusual for everyone to feel unsure at times. As humans, we often tend to question our thoughts, and our beliefs with doubts. This directly leads to the sense of insecurity. One fine evening, I was hanging out with my friends sharing some laughter and having some good food but then all of a sudden one of my friend said something about a topic which I totally am against, but I couldn’t say it aloud because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be accepted in that group anymore, or those friends would disown me, or they would simply judge me.  This is my friend is a perfect example of insecurity. 

Insecurity is a feeling of inadequacy, of not being good enough, and uncertainty. It is very natural to feel insecure about your thoughts. Everyone deals with insecurity from time to time. The inability to satisfy others needs or desires or their demands can amplify this feeling even further. Occasional insecurity can be a part of our life, but if we tend to feel insecure all the time and around a lot of people, this might be a sign of a really serious problem. 

We tend to keep our thoughts limited to ourselves, we get nervous around some particular people, we hate to be in a circle, we undermine ourselves, we question our understanding, we doubt our knowledge, we forget our own worth. These are the most basic signs of sensing insecurity within ourselves. This sense of insecurity may even lead one to some serious mental health problems, such as one may face anxiety when they have to put in their thoughts around some people, one may face social disorder as they tend to ignore and avoid meeting people, one may be affected by depression. 

One has to focus on degrading such behavior, overcoming such feelings, ignoring such thoughts. One has to find the core problem of such a sense. One has to search for different alternatives to redeem such feelings in oneself. Understanding our insecurities means understanding ourselves better.