Storms don’t last Forever

Storms Do not last forever | Yeti Journals

No matter what kind of life you live, what kind of situations you are in, whatever you do either good or bad, you will always have critics.These critics will doubt you, will judge you, will trample you and at the end will call you a looser.But that’s not who you are. You are not what other say you are. Remember, these critics will make you experience the grounds of life .

Time may come when you may fell like a scum because you can never really anticipate the evils that life brings to you. You may feel like quitting but just stay ambitious, stay still because storms don’t last forever.They come and go.If you quit then you will prove those critics with no credentials right out of nowhere. So people out there, if you have been through all those criticism and got over all the scums and storms.

Then congratulations troopers.And to those who are still struggling ; stick to your roots and dreams, cherish your life because “darling storms never last forever” and yours is goona end really soon with a shiny new beginning.