He the One

He the one | Yeti Journals

He cares for you, no matter how much you hurt his self respect, he was the happiest person when you were born, he is each daughters first love and each sons first hero as we say, he does every possible stupid thing to make you giggle, he is your buddy, your honor, your pride, your wall and so much more. Yes, he is your father! Believe me, he was and still is immensely elated having a glance at you, he thinks that you are his princess for real.He taught you how to walk, how to ride a cycle, how to add, how to subtract, how to solve maths’ problem and ultimately, how to face and challenge the challenges of life…

yes, he is the one who told you that opportunities come in the guise of challenge isn’t it?No matter how stressed or busy he is, he always has a fistful of time to chat with you, to listen to you crying for silly things, to be happy in your success and to inspire you to stand up and walk again every time your legs get frail or tremble, he catches you up in his arms when you tend to fall and guides you to the right path.                                       

He has seen you grow up, day by day, from a baby to a toddler, a child and a teenager but still ,you are his baby doll, the same one who doesn’t get a good sleep if she doesn’t get his arms as pillow and his big hug as painkiller.He cooks for you, takes care of you, has spent numerous sleepless nights when you became sick.Maybe everyday, he peeps through your bedroom door at night when you are fast asleep.Just to see you are sleeping well or not….He teaches you meanings of words, how to make sentences with the help of words, the true meaning of life and how to do your best and be satisfied with the outcome.

Yes! he is your father, your identity, your bodyguard.He makes sure that each problem has to face him before coming to you.You feel safest in his arms and be satisfied when he brings the things you wanted but never demanded for.He takes you for a shopping each month but is himself happy in his old jeans bought a couple of years ago.He gets worried if he comes to see a little pimple on your cheek but what about the gorge like wrinkles near his worn out and puffy eyes?He wakes up and works for you until he sleeps again and it becomes your duty to love him and stand upon his expectations too.                                           

So,I say on the behalf of all the daughters in the world and I know all of the daughters will have a wide smile in her face that “Yes! my father is, was and always remain my first love, who taught me what is to be loved, taken care of and be protected ,he taught me how to live my life” and needless to say, each so undoubtedly would love to call him their inspiration, their first hero.Proudly,I say that yes world!!! my father is my first love and I love him, the most in this vast and extensive universe..”