The one step we all need to take if we want to make the world better for everyone

I was bullied by a girl on account of my dark skin and long beard. Despite giving the best interview, I have been rejected by many companies just because my appearance didn’t match their criteria or in their words, ‘standards’. I have been discriminated in my own country countless times; called by disrespectful names. And I couldn’t marry the person I love just because our caste and background are different. I have had terrible times because of the hierarchies of the society indeed.

I wonder why, we rant about the advancements of 21st century and yet, these things matter in every society! Despite being raised right and having provided with a good education since childhood, people in my country and some parts of the world, are living with such inhumane mindsets.

Okay, answer me! Did you choose to be born in this particular country? Did you choose to be born to a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian family? Did you choose to belong to this particular caste, culture and background? Did you choose to be born with a certain skin colour or grow up to a certain height? None of us did. It was all our destiny, we don’t get to choose a lot of things in life. Likewise, no human in this world chose to be born black or white. No human in the world intended to be born with any type of disability or with an ugly personality. Sadly, we consider ourselves to be the most superior of the creatures on the planet and yet have failed to understand this.

We live in a society and we are social beings first, a narrative that we have been taught since the very beginning. But are we? We are all raised with certain values and morals as human beings. We have been raised right if our parents taught us to love and respect everyone irrespective of their superficiality, background, religion and all. that’s what we preach, Isn’t it? Even after being aware of all these things, why is it that these teachings and values are limited to the words only?

Practically speaking, why is it that we expect everyone to be the way we want them to be? Why is it that everyone is supposed to match our so called standards and criteria to be one of us? It is the gloomiest scene to realize that the people who call themselves a part of this modern society and a rapidly developing culture have still not learned to accept the differences among ourselves. We are more same than we are different anyways. Our society that claims to value liberty has still not learned how to love and accept people regardless of their skin color, caste and religion. Our free and equal society yet thrives on all kinds and forms of discrimination that leads to oppression of a certain group of people.

My dear fellow humans, we are all unique in our own ways, we are not supposed to be the same at all. We have got to reach out and eliminate the roots of all forms and kinds of discrimination not only from our society but from the entire world and we have the power to. We have got to accept and celebrate differences for we are all equal in the eyes of the Almighty. Above all, we have got to love beyond reasons and conditions. So let you be vulnerable and let this genuine change begin from yourself! Let us all make the world around us a better place to live in; not just with our words, but with our actions and intentions as well.