A rough road map to finding Yourself

“In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life. It goes on” -Robert Frost.

For most of us, the person we are today is in one way or another different than who we used to be a couple of years ago. Change is an integral part of life, but, contrary to popular belief, I don’t feel it is always good. As we go on with our lives, various circumstances and experiences force us to change who we are and they influence the type of person we eventually become. I want you to go back a year or two and remember how you used to be. Just take a moment and remind yourself of your past self (preferably, close your eyes for a moment). Most probably, the person you just thought of, still had some part of you that you didn’t want to lose. It might be the joyous laughter, the spontaneity or the people around you that you lost along the way.

The choices we make shape us in life. In our hectic daily routine, we seldom tend to give a second thought to most of our choices, be it professional or personal. A part of growing up is making though decisions: missing your friend’s wedding to attend a seminar abroad, telling a white lie to further your cause in a professional setting and so on. It is important for our growth that we make such calls but it is also important that we remain true to ourselves. It is vital that we do not make our decisions based on what is expected of us but rather on what we really want. Choices that seem trivial often end up as your habits. Professional growth is very important and as circumstances might have it, one might have to make decisions at the expense of others. The world is competitive and there is no denying that, but personal growth is also equally important.

As Robert Frost put it so simply- life goes on. If you do not make a conscious effort to hold on to the virtues and values you want to have, you will soon lose it along the way. Think of it in this way, if you were building a house, you wouldn’t just go on stacking bricks, one over another without a final image in your head. Similarly, every choice you make is shaping up the person you become so, it is important to have a final image of what you want to become while making those calls.

-Shashank Shrestha