A continuous quest for life’s purpose: finding meanings and satisfaction.

If there was no purpose in one’s life, how would that life be? It would be a life unlivable; a life devoid of values, riddled with physical, mental as well as emotional torpor. If you have nothing to work towards, nothing to attain, nothing to achieve, no ambition, no purpose, no direction then it would not be life at all, it would be a lifeless desert, to say the least. You will be nothing more than a dry carcass, completely meaningless and unimportant, without any use to not only others but even to your own self.

I know it all seems quite morbid. Let me tell you about the ways to imbue purpose and meaning into your life so as to attain long-lasting fulfillment and satisfaction. 

So, what is Purpose? A purpose is an objective you have set for yourself that you want to achieve at any cost and in which you invest wholeheartedly. Your purpose is your resolve and determination to see your goals met at any cost. Your purpose is a motivation that guides you down the lane of life towards attainment of your goals. Purpose gives direction to your life and saves you from straying to the unimportant, distracting paths. Purpose gives a sense of meaning to life and it provides you with a sumptuous satisfaction in your life and that you are finally doing something, achieving something, working towards something.

A purpose will be your reason to wake up in the morning and sleep contently in the night.

Purpose and its search are probably among the very few things in this world of ours that have always been relevant. It is an important characteristic of our human condition. It is intricately weaved into our very being and it is of paramount importance to reinforce and continue our humble existence on this planet. 

There is an innate drive in each of us to search for the meaning and purpose of this life we have been given. I think this is what separates us from other living species, this drive, and zeal to make sense out of this life and to achieve something great. This is the reason behind all the exceptional feats of social, mental, physical, economic, creative excellence we as a species have achieved throughout history. 

Purpose and meaning in life also directly correspond to the individual’s well-being. 

Purpose starts with a will. You have to will it. Yow will have to work for it.  It is borne of action and action only. You have to get off the couch, think and really do something. It has to be intrinsic motivation. No matter how much your parents or teachers or friends urge you to set goals unless you yourself do not have the motivation to take action, you will never do it. Even if you give in to their pressure and lookout to do something, it would not last very much as you yourself have not willed it. 

So go get off your couch and act. I wish you well in your search.