How movies are selling us a world of fantasies and that is not making us any happier

How movies are selling us a world of fantasies and that is not making us any happier yeti journals

 As a child, I was very fond of action movies; I used to watch them whenever I could. I used to copy the actions from scenes and felt like I was the hero from the movie. As I grew up, my interest shifted to romantic and emotional love stories when it came to movies. I haven’t looked back ever since.

A few of the movies I have watched were really heart touching and inspiring. Some of them were even based on real stories. But most of the movies in the romantic genre try to advertise to us a perfectly carved fantasy; the ones that exhibit perfection in everything that’s portrayed about love. The romantic movie industry tries to sell you a dream of meeting that perfect partner and everything just falling into place to make the world a better place for love to thrive and grow. I used to get swayed away initially but after watching hundreds of such movies and often wondering why my life is not like that of the protagonist of the story, I now realize that there is a whole lot of difference in what is real and what’s a made-up story.

It has taken me more than two decades of being a human to learn that life is not like movies where everything falls at their perfect places at the end. Life is unique; full of huddles, agony, and imperfections. Unlike the movies that have been showing us a different world, it takes us years to discover our passions and get to know ourselves better. Spiritual awakening doesn’t always happen when you go on a road trip to an unknown land. It takes half our lives to be successful on our own terms, owns a house, and earn enough money to keep ourselves going, it takes us years to find someone we can love and cherish for a lifetime.

Love, my dear friends, is nothing like those movies have been projecting to us. The idea of love is extremely fantasized and romanticized that it is now a multi-billion dollar business industry; businesses that sell the idea of that perfect love story where everything is mesmerizing and nothing’s ugly. Real love is not meeting someone on a train ride while trying to find the meaning of life in a foreign land and living happily ever after. More often than not, love is beyond flowers and butterflies in your stomach, being able to love someone along with their imperfections and to love someone means holding them at their lowest and holding up to them at your lowest. Love has seen the ugliest and love has seen growth, love has seen no conditions for someone to be capable of love.

Today’s world is media-driven and the essence of so many human emotions are just lost in translation. Maybe because of such movies and media, people have been living in their own little world of fantasy that in no terms mimics the real world. Life will never be the way we imagine it to be; for better and worse, life is not lived inside our little heads. We carry an entire universe within ourselves but we shall also be aware of what goes on in the real world outside of us. After all, we are humans.

My dear readers, let us take this moment to mourn what was never real but our naïve minds made to believe that they were. Being a human is a blessing for us and we can’t let go of this imperfectly perfect opportunity to live and love unconditionally by dwelling in fantasies. We must understand that fantasy is not necessarily the only perfectly possible reality and live up to that belief so that we do not build up a trap for ourselves out of our own imagination.  Awareness and happiness go hand in hand and so do fantasies and realities. Let’s just not be so invested in our fantasies that we forget the essence of what feeling real emotions are like.

Suraj Raj Keshari