Inferiority Complex : an intense feeling of not belonging

Oh my god, he has his own car. She has got better grades than me. She has three jobs. He is of my age and he already owns a house. She has travelled half of the world. She is an influencer. He has 10K followers. She possesses such flawless skin.  He is preceding quite fast in his career. This happens every single time, I go through my feed. I question myself, about my existence, why am I not being able to do things like that yet? When will I be able to achieve such things in my life? Or I will stay average all my life?

Each and every thing makes me insecure. I have aced at experiencing feelings like self-doubt and uncertainty. I am actually really sensitive towards criticism. I know, we should be able to take criticism constructively and work on it every chance that we get, but this same criticism creates much more problems in my work. This my friend, is a sign of “ inferiority complex”. It is an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive behaviour in compensation. 

Humans suffering from this condition tend to seek attention  from audiences. They require validity in everything that is assisted by them. They worry about their abilities. They feel incompetent to fight their own struggle.  They try really hard to avoid any kind of competition where their efforts might be directly compared with others. It might be caused by very simple things in your daily life like facing failure even in the smallest things, getting criticized for everything you do, and ending up messing everything that you work on. When one can’t meet the societal standard even in their thoughts, it creates a psychological distress which is inferiority complex.

For some people the sense of inferiority might be really an important tool for motivation, as they move ahead to improve everything competitively in an effort to neutralize the negative feelings of inferiority. However, some people can feel dominated and suppressed in their own surroundings. They always carry the burden of incompleteness with them. It is very natural to feel this condition. You might feel inferior with either of your own people too or with any strangers you cross-by.  If you feel you aren’t as good as others, it can provoke anxiety in many situations.

There are various ways to deal with such mental disorder. You have to shift your thoughts from negative to positive thoughts. You need to identify your strengths, and if you don’t have any you need to start building it. Your mindset has to be really calm, clear and transparent. We need to search for the source from where exactly this problem has been arising, then we need to try every possible way to remove it. Meditate your way out.

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