The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed

Yeti Journals Planning the future

Ever since I was a small child, people asked me to plan. School corridors taught me to plan my appetite in accordance to a routine bell whereas my parents asked me to plan my night schedules. However nothing went or has ever went as I planned it to be as my empty stomach noised the entire classroom and my night schedules skipped a beat almost every day. My study routines got extra time limits whenever my loved ones knocked the doors of my room and my 3-hour exam sessions almost every time got an extra time limit.

However, I never felt guilty for not being able to stick as per to my plan completely. It’s because somewhere my unconscious mind has always plugged me by saying that it won’t work as I thought it would and keeps plugging me. I believe it’s the same for all of us. So as my topic announces why do we plan? Why do we spend hours preparing a lesson plan for our lives? It’s maybe because that’s what we want it to be and wish it to be.

Life is such an unpredictable journey. A journey that can never be determined. It’s a time –framed journey with ups and downs, with highs and lows and with love and sorrow. It’s funny that whenever life treats you well, you see silver linings so much that even if you  see someone grief his sorrows out, you just get a click thinking that this would never happen to you.

And well after years, life takes a turn and you be in a situation you never expected to be. You hear something that tears you out from the inside. Your schedules become just some sheets of papers and everything becomes so small compared to that news or incident.

All of these aren’t something new and that philosophers have been pin pointing this out time and again. Yet it’s sad how people just teach us to plan and never teach us the circumstances that marks a stop in our routine life. They never teach us to bear the consequences if the plan steps aside. This is horrifying as the consequences are times that lead people to destroy their lives into shedding streams.

Today the world is dealing with Corona. A small virus that is in the verge of disappearing the year 2020 from the calendar. Every elections, interviews, meet-ups are getting postponed. We are stuck in our home and even in this situation people are planning.

People are planning life if 2021. Teacher are planning school books and scientists are planning the fly of rockets. Lawyers are planning hearings and doctors, well they can’t plan more right now except the other day at the hospital. Well I really don’t if I’d be making sense or not but I Just want to overthrow this message to everyone asking them to stop planning because hey it won’t work. Just live in the moment and mean it from your very inner soul.