Why Failure Is A Crucial Ingredient For Success?

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She couldn’t get her job. She has no work. She yet again failed to pay her bills. He failed in his class. He was detained from his college. He worked for 26 years before he earned an annual salary of $30,000. Henry Ford once said, “Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again”. The word “failure” describes the potential of trying anything again and again. Failure is a boost for any individual to score high in their life.

If one has determined their goal, they keep on failing and failing until they reach a threshold where they achieve their goal. This is a way to your success. One needs to clear their mindset and should have a great attitude despite years of failures. We, ourselves are very familiar with the term failure because as we grew up, we have failed at many things before succeeding at it. Remember when you learned to ride a bicycle? You probably began with learning to pedal the wheels. You might have fallen off from your bicycle which led you to use crutches.   Eventually, when these crutches were removed, keeping your balance became more difficult. You struggled to stay upright, maybe you fell several times and scraped yourself out. That’s when you were learning an important early lesson about failure.

You practiced cycling every day with a new level of excitement. You looked forward to the time when you would succeed, when you would at last ride free on your own, without the help of anyone else. So, you kept at it every day, and eventually mastered the skill of riding a bike. As a child learning to ride your bike, you were optimistic, you didn’t quit it, you were enthusiastic about what you set out to achieve- that you could hardly wait to reach your goal. At last with several efforts, you won it and you aced riding your bike.

But as the time passes, the child in you gets lost and tries to give up easily. You don’t welcome new skills. You keep yourself limited to your comfort zone. You never try to step out of the box. What exactly happened to that child? How did that child turn into a boring adult moaning and groaning about learning something new? As adults, most of us become a lot concerned about the opinions of others. We tend to take criticism really harshly. Earlier falling off a bike wasn’t a bad thing but as we got older, we started to perceive falling off as a worse thing rather than considering it as an essential part of the process of learning.

It is really natural for a human being to fail. Many successful people have learned to fail their way to success. No one enjoys their failure. Some of us think that is the end, while the rest of us recognize it as a part of the road to victory. It depends on you to turn your failure into your success. You need to first fail a few times, which teaches you the way to your success. After all, life is a series of wins and losses. The winners in life know that you crawl before you walk and you walk before you run. And with each new goal comes a new set of failures. It’s up to you whether you treat them as disappointments or insurmountable obstacles. Failure will eventually lead you to success.