Bungy Jumping : Travel Experience

Bungy Jump In Nepal

Nepal, a beautiful country not only known for its natural beauty or trekking destination, but also is a home for adventurous activities. Among various other adventurous activities in Nepal, one ought to try bungee jumping.

Bungy jumping is daring sport activity where you jump off a very high structure while being connected to long elastic rope. In Nepal, bungee jumping in “The last resort ‘’ is one of the most adventurous and exciting spots with spectacular jumps and free fall. As the last resort saying ‘Imagine a bridge over 160m high tropical gorge, with one of Nepal’s wildest rivers, raging below…Now jump!”it is jump in the face of fear where one will experience a lifetime moment.

On March 1, 2018 me along with my friends booked to do this adventure in The Last Resort. It was an unplanned on spot decision where we did not even have time to think if we were ready or not. The same night we were excited but very scared at the same time. While thinking about it, I questioned my ability if I could jump from such great heights as I have a great fear of heights. The feeling of what if rope falls and I die didn’t let me sleep the whole night. I surfed the internet to see whether anyone had an accident during bungee jump, I found a few in many people having incident so that night I remembered divine power.

March 2nd was the day of the jump; we all were terrified during a 3 hour ride to the destination. With excitement and fear we reached our destination . When I saw the bridge, I felt like I was drugged by anxiety. I looked down the bridge to overcome my fear .As we reached we had to fill the form and accept the risk of the jump which was the most petrified moment of the journey. After filling the form, we had a small safety briefing session where a man took us to the place where safety harness and teddy bear was put. The teddy bear was used as a puppet to show what to do during bungee, how to do a perfect jump and use harness to come after the jump .That was the most terrifying moment where I could hear my heartbeat louder than the person speaking. Our weight was taken so as to divide groups according to the weight. After all this, we were taken to the jumping site in the bridge 160 m above radiant bhotekoshi river with spectacular views around. As we headed towards bridge I prayed god to give me courage to jump off the bridge so my saving won’t be wasted and could face my fear of heights.

We were made to wait for our turns, while waiting we enjoyed the views around. Two of my friends went before me and they did it, their jump was perfect, and one could see a big smile on their face. Now, it was my turn to jump. I was so scared that the pleasant sound of the river at that moment sounded really creepy and my heart felt really heavy and my body was numb. We were equipped by harness and the GO pro. Before the jump we had dialogue with videographer explaining him what we were doing. While exchanging dialogue my voice was trembling, my heart was beating fast, my mind had negative thoughts it could possibly have. I doubted my ability once again and asked my friend “will I be able to do”. She was motivating me the whole time.

Finally the heart rising moment arrived. I was heading towards the cliff by taking small step wishing I could go back and not do it . While taking each step it felt like I was going to hell. When it was time to jump all emotions were activated, I was numb bungee master said 3 2 1 jump, remembering my mother, my friend encouraging word and my savings I had spent, I

jumped. The 2 second free fall was the best moment of my life. I don’t have any words to describe that moment. After free fall, rebound was breathtaking moment where I enjoyed a lot. I was delighted, coming up and saying I did it was the most prideful moment for me. I defeated my fear of heights and felt like a champion and had a feeling that I could do anything in my life.

Once in a lifetime one ought to try this adventure so as to remember in your old age that you jumped with fear and had a best moment.

By : Shrijana Mainali