The Living Goddess

Regarded as a Living Goddess, a young Newar girl with no blemishes represents the Goddess Kumari.. To local people she is the Goddess Kumari and is worshipped accordingly with great reverence. .Dating back to the 17th century, the tradition was started by a Malla king.

The candidates must go through an extremely strict selection process before one of them is chosen to represent the Goddess.. Visit the Kumari Ghar (House of the Kumari) across Durbar Square, at Basantapur, where she resides and catch a glimpse of this Goddess.

If you are visiting in late August or early September, you may get the opportunity to observe the fascinating  festival known as Indra Jatra, when the Kumari leaves her residence and is pulled on a chariot through the narrow roads of old Kathmandu. It is quite a sight to behold, as masked dancers  come out on the streets and  the chariots of  Lord Indra and Kumari are pulled by devotees in a boisterous procession.